Nurit Winkler

Reproductive Endocrinologist

About Nurit

Holistic approach to fertility treatment

Dr. Winkler has a strong inner belief that nature has an important role during fertility treatment and she tries to integrate a more holistic approach to fertility treatment. She believes that each patient is unique in its underlying diagnosis and response to fertility treatments and as so need to be tailored a unique fertility approach and protocol. Dr. Winkler In fact is skilled in many different fertility treatments and IVF protocols such as Natural frozen embryo transfer, standard IVF, natural IVF, Mini IVF, preimplantatioin genetic diagnosis (PGS), egg freezing, egg donation and surrogacy. Dr. Winkler also specialized in third party reproduction both nationally and international. With her unique international background and fluency in 3 languages Dr. Winkler treats patients regularly from all around the globe, helping couples from many different countries to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. Dr. Winkler ultimate goal as a fertility specialist is maintaining a high pregnancy rate which can only be achieved by tailoring the most suitable fertility treatment to the patient and by keeping a constant and honest communication and personalized care with her patients. She never gives up on her patients.

Dr. Winkler is first author of scientific papers and chapters in Reproductive Medicine, the most recent one published in 2014. She is a member of numerous prestigious societies. Dr. Winkler is a frequent guest lecturer at acupuncture schools and a guest speakers in various community events. During her medical career Dr. Winkler earned and keeps earning multiple medical awards. In 2015 Dr. Winkler was awarded “Patient Choice Award“, “Compassionate Physician Award” and “American Top OB/GYN.