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  • What do you do?
    I am an acupuncturist, herbalist and oriental medical practitioner. I am also a fertility specialist with over 20 years in the field. I work closely with fertility specialists from different backgrounds, and most importantly am a passionate patient advocate that believes you should have the highest quality medical care in regards to your fertility. What the acupuncture sessions provide is a safe transformational space for you to heal the past and prepare for motherhood.
  • How long is the program?
    A minimum of 3 months. That being said, if your up for IVF next month by all means get started! We can absolutely see you at any stage of your journey.
  • How does this program work?
    There is no other program out there like it. Step 1.) You book your consultation with me. That includes a 1 hour intake of your past medical history both pertaining to fertility and your physical, emotional and mental health in general, including your partners potential issues. I will also tell you what to stop doing and what to begin doing based on our conversation. You will get tools and value regardless of you joining or not. Step 2.) I then create a customized plan based on our findings. We will then go over it together and get any other questions you may have clarified and you will then potentially make of the best decisions for you and your future family ever. Step 3.) We get you the appropriate intake forms filled out and your appointments scheduled out. If a DUTCH test is required you will do this first thing. Results will be covered on a separate visit. Step 4.) You begin your transformational acupuncture sessions and any herbs/supplements/homework Julie has suggested. Step 5.) You become pregnant. :)
  • Is your program for women doing egg preservation?
    Our program is ideal for those doing egg preservation. We have information that could save you tons of time and money!
  • Is your program for women trying to conceive naturally or doing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)?
    Yes. It is for those trying to conceive naturally to those on their 8th (hopefully not) IVF procedure. We can intervene at any time. We also work with IUI patients and more complex fertility complications as we have 2 brilliant Reproductive Endocrinologists on our team of consultants.
  • Who should NOT join our program?
    Anyone who is not willing to do what we are telling you to do and not willing to stop doing what you have been doing that has not proven sucessful.
  • Can I join this program if I am already well into my IVF protocol?
    Yes. The more time we have to prepare you the better but if you are going in for your retreival in 2 weeks do consult with us asap. We can review your current protocol and make any suggestions we feel necessary to optimize your results.
  • How much does the program cost?
    $300 for the initial consultation $120 per Acupuncture session $500 DUTCH test ($250 to run and $250 to go over results)
  • Does this program include my partner?
    Yes. To the extent of if your partner is a male he will be evaluated by our Reproductive Endocrinologist if he has not already had recent sperm analysis. If your partenr is female then no need as you are the body that will be hosting. We just make sure she is incredibly supportive in every way possible.
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