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Services & Prices

  Initial Discovery Consultation (60 min) - $300

 The package that best suits your situation will be presented to you on completion of the initial consultation.

Questions?  Please call any time to set up a 10 minute complementary Q and A with Julie.  


(3 months)

Acupuncture - 12 visits (60 min)


(3-6 months)

Acupuncture - 12/18 visits (60 min)

Dutch Test (comprehensive hormonal/neurotransmitter/functional endocrine panel))

IVF Priming

(timing varies) 

Acupuncture - 3 - 12 visits (60 min)

Payment Options

For Acupuncture, we do bill insurance if your plan includes it as a benefit. Please call your carrier to verify.

For Functional Medicine, patients may receive health insurance coverage for lab testing. 

Call 805-738-7210 to schedule an Initial Consultation 

Book and pay for your initial assessment

Build your personalized health plan

Schedule your appointments

Meet your doctor

Ongoing collaboration

Get pregnant




The Integrative Specialist Program is only for people who are ready to do the

work it takes to transform your health. This is a commitment and at times might be

uncomfortable, which is exactly how results happen.  We will be putting in 100% and we need you to as well or this will not work.

The Integrative Specialist Program requires your commitment for the next four to twelve months of your life.  The changes you will experience will last a lifetime - including preparing you for your new life as a mother. 

To prepare for your consultation, we will need recent labs and/or test results along with completion of our extensive application and 1 1/2 hours of your undivided attention to begin the process.  Once in the program, you must prepare to do things differently, follow all instructions and be open to change.


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